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Barcelona con un toque Millenial
6 Feb


Today we know that traveling is not a luxury but an authentic necessity. In addition, we can say that millennials are a referent generation. It is what has defined the new way and lifestyle of people. It is easy to see how photos of destinations, places and cities of the world invade millennial social networks on a daily basis. Living the city of Barcelona with a millennial touch is easy, since it is one of the cities in the world preferred by the same group.

Way of life and travel of millennials

Traveling has become a priority for this generation. In addition, most millennials are willing to travel alone, squeezing each of their experiences to the maximum and then share with other travelers like them. Barcelona is one of the cities best valued by millennials. A fashionable city worldwide among young people where you can enjoy the beach, its tourist attractions, historical culture, gastronomy, culture, entertainment and other essential aspects such as the great tolerance that is breathed. A destination where you can enjoy your trip while you can continue combining it with work. Therefore, it is also essential to find a place to stay during your stay in Barcelona, ​​which is in accordance with this lifestyle and way of understanding each of your days.


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Live Barcelona with a Millenial touch in BIRDHOUSE

BirdHouse is one of the preferred bed & breakfast for millennials and young families in the city of Barcelona. In addition to offering several types of accommodation, is located in the Eixample, a central district of the city that makes you really feel of the city with all the strengths at your fingertips. Authentic transport links, restaurants and bars and countless bike lanes to get from one place to another. It also allows stays that can be shared with other guests.



Birdhouse has a faithful community that comes from many places in the world. Its authentic essence is far from the big hotel chains. It adapts to the needs of current guests and travelers. As it can not be otherwise, the free Wi-Fi connection is an essential point of philosophy. Birdhouse combines the best stay in the purest millennial style with cultural recommendations and a great respect for the environment and people. A place to share experiences, nights, breakfasts and work if desired. Also enjoy quietly the surroundings.


Barcelona has the best leading scores among millennials, inviting a great offer. In culture, architecture, art, gastronomy, day and night leisure, sports and nature.