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15 May

Actress Nuria Florensia Talks About Amores Minúsculos

Tell us a little bit about you! Who are you? And what do you do in Barcelona?

I am Núria, I’m from Lleida and I am an actress. I ended up in Barcelona because I studied Audiovisual Communication and immediately fell in love with the city. For me, it was an easy choice! After studying and living in Newcastle for 10 months, I came back to Barcelona to do a master in Television. After that, I worked for a company while, at the same time, studying dramatic art. From then until now, I think I have found my vocation. I love to be an actress!

When did you realize that you were interested in acting?

At the very deep of my heart, I have always known that I wanted to be an actress, but the many taboos and thinking that acting is a difficult profession prevented me from realising my ambition. I wasn’t given the opportunity to work as an actress until few years ago. I have to blame the crisis for this, because, when I was 25 I couldn’t find any job and I also broke up with my boyfriend, which is why I was a little depressed. It was very hard to me, but thanks to my sadness and my determination to find new roads, I was given the opportunity to start to do theatre. And it was the best thing I have done in my life! Nowadays, it’s my passion, my profession and it gives me happiness!

When you look at your career path, was it easy?

My career path was not planned. I have built it every day while I was studying, doing shorts, plays, that is, everything that was related in dramatic art. My career was a necessity, my whole body shouted at me “You must be an actress” and finally, I could listen to myself and do it. To work as an actress is very difficult because there are a lot of people who want to work in that world and this competitiveness is very hard. You have to go to many castings, work for free very often, spend your weekends working just because you need material, and all the time, you are being exposed. Also is very difficult to be well paid because a lot of productions have little budget and you work because is a necessity. You get a lot of critics and you have to work a lot in yourself because if you are not confident in yourself, it’s difficult to stand, and the possibility to break down it’s very easy.

What do you do to relax when you’re not working?

I like to go to the theater, watch a film or stay with friends in a bar having Vermut or beer or whatever. I also like also to be alone at my home, read a book or listen to music while I’m cooking or Writing my thoughts. A very good time for relax is when I have a breakfast and check my e-mails.

What’s your favourite place in Barcelona?

It´s difficult to only pick one, but if I had tot choose, I would say any bar or restaurant along calle Parlament: Taranná, Federal, Cometa, etc. Ah! I also like Rambla de Raval and its enormous cat!

Could you tell us a little bit about the play you are acting in at the moment? Amores Minúsculos?

Amores Minúsculus is a romantic comedy about something everyone has experienced in their lives the love that arrives at your live and you don’t know how long will be! Amores Minúsculos (Tiny loves) is the adaptation of the comic of Alfonso Casas, and you will live, as the six characters a roller-coaster of emotions.

How is the play different from the plays you have acted in before?

It’s different because I’ve never played a romantic comedy. I do more drama and eccentric characters. In that case, I’m also a bit weird, but the interpretation is very realistic and soft. And it’s very nice listen to the public laughing during all the play, that’s an exciting feeling.

Where, when and how can we see Amores Minúsculos?

We really don’t know, because we depends on the public. If we can have the theater full the next weeks we will stay longer. But, the idea is everybody come as soon as possible. We are doing the play in Club Capitol (Les Rambles, 138, Barcelona). Everyone can buy the ticket following the link: Hope see everyone there!!!