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26 Apr

Eat Street: Lucha Libre (6 May)

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Eat Street is an international food street party held in Barcelona, where sincere, passionate and adventurous chefs can bring a maximum of two dishes. Do one thing and do it very well, is the food festival´s motto. During the year, Eat street presents farmer´s markets, workshops, lectures, gastronomic screenings, presentations of Barcelona’s beers, wines and other things.

On Saturday the 6th of May, Eat Street will show you the future. And let you know that that the future shines, has thousand colors and is full of incredible flavors. It is populated by purple kale, green rice, spicy ginger, feisty micro-greens, crunchy seeds and juicy mushrooms. And its chefs experiment with fermentation, pickles, rehydration, textures, ingredients and vegetarian recipes of the world to give shape to dishes that will awaken taste buds that you did not even know you have. “Eat Street Huértame Mucho” will bring daring chefs who will cook innovative vegetarian and vegan dishes on the spot:

· Quinoa Aragó Vegetarià
· Rosemary’s Garden by Wilson’s Fumats
· Conscious Sushi
· Mellow Sheng
· The big whim foodtruck
· Bicnic
· + guest artist
· The Vegavana
· Rasoterra Bistrot Vegetarià
· Dssrtbar
· Uay Balam
· Nømad Coffee
· Teacorner

When? Saturday 6 May 12:00 to 23:00
Where? Calle Ferran Turné 11
What? Street food for the people to 5 € max / dish
How? The drink is paid with tokens (you can change little money at the bar before purchasing drinks) and food is paid in cash.

For more information, visit their Facebook page