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12 Dec

Birdhouse recommends: Dress Your Wall (22-23 December)

If you’ve got embarrassingly naked walls in your home or office, don’t miss the new edition of Dress Your Wall, an event dedicated to emerging artists where you can pick up original art, screen printing, photoengraving, limited-edition prints and more from some 100 artists, and all at affordable prices. This is your chance to discover what’s happening on the national and international art scene, and to acquire works by artists like Judy Kaufmann, Javier Rubín Gorda, Agente Morillas, Ana de Lima, Amaia Arrazola, Bernat Solsona, Lapin, Miu Mirambel and Miju Lee.

What? Dress Your Wall 2017
Where? Miscelänea (Guàrdia 10, Ciutat Vella)
When? 22 December 12:00-22:00 and 23 December 12:00-22:00
Price? Free

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