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decálogo de un auténtico birdhouser
6 Feb


To be authentic, you do not have to force yourself to anything. An authentic person shines on himself for being as he is. Their experiences make it richer but also to others. Because what really matters is to live every moment to go to sleep every day with the best feeling. At Birdhouse Barcelona we live being authentic. There are things that characterize us especially. Keep reading if you want to know what the decalogue of an authentic Birdhouser is!


Decalogue of an authentic BirdHouser



  1. Give me a new place to discover

The authentic Birdhouser is dying to travel and discover new places. Search and explore all the possibilities to know everything that adds value to each city. The tourist sites are an assumed option in their journey but want to go further, reaching different places and experiences.


  1. I’m a Nomad!

If you are a genuine BirdHouser, you will surely identify with nomadism. The current nomad is one who spends a good part of his time traveling, whether for leisure, work or both. Living sleeping in different places is part of your life. Every day it is easier to work totally or partially from anywhere. And what’s better, the Birdhouser is used to being able to do everything. It is a person who does not adapt to work but has the ability to work in any suitable place regardless of distance.



  1. Mediterranean Soul

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where BirdHouse was born, a bed & breakfast with pure Mediterranean essence. Birdhousers love the sea, beaches, a balanced diet, art, warm weather, joy, culture, social life, nature, parties, and much more. If you identify with all this, you will be a true Birdhouser.


  1. Eco sensitive as a way of life

Living and respecting the environment is something that they carry inside. They have a special sensitivity for the environment and ecological actions. They are very aware that the nearest future is the direct responsibility of everyone and they live with that in mind.


  1. I will not go to sleep without sharing one more thing. But first I’ll live it to the fullest.

Know new things and live unique experiences to share with anyone in the world. Experiencing to the fullest enriches, fills people. Sharing is living has always been said … It is true and today the use of social networks is the fastest way to do it.


There is more! We continue with point 6 of the decalogue of an authentic BirdHouser!



  1. Music is wealth

Lovers of music, concerts and events, they do not take off from the possibility of living the new proposals of the city. The Birdhousers review the schedules of concerts, live music and Dj’s that share unforgettable moments throughout the year in our city. And it is that music moves the world for many.


  1. Work, before I exist.

Work is an undeniable source of income but they have learned to live without a heavy burden. In addition, they are able to do several things at once and work from anywhere. The work can be an appendix of us and we live with it without obstructing what we are and what we want. Give me WIFI connection and live!



  1. Great ideas are born from experiences

From carácteár entrepreneur and creative, we are able to do several different tasks. We have a training that goes beyond. We are technological and self-taught and in addition to our ambitions, we can create new ideas every day. That yes, that would not be possible without the constant new experiences that we want to live.



  1. Born contributor and supporter

We are collaborative and supportive by nature. We like to perform actions and work in groups many times. We know that among many things go better and we are all pieces of some necessary gear. We like coworking spaces, relate and team up.


In addition, carrying out solidary actions fills us up. We have a great spirit of solidarity and common functioning. We participate in solidarity tasks of the city.



  1. Without human borders

Social and cultural diversity are necessary in our lives. He does not like to know new languages, cultures, ways of seeing the world and giving opinions. Diversity is life for us.



Can you think of anything else to complement the decalogue of an authentic Birdhouser? Explain it to us | Your Bed & Breakfast in Barcelona