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12 Dec

Birdhouse Recommends: Brossa Poetry – MACBA (21 SEP-25 FEB)

The exhibition of this outstanding artist, Joan Brossa, is a thorough review of all his works, from his first books to his latest plastic research, passing through movies, music, performance, theater and all other aspects in which he was a pioneer. Brossa (1919-1998) was, above all, a poet, and although it appears to be obvious, this exhibition reclaims this by expressing his work and his way of doing poiesis, with poetry by artists such as Marcel Marlën, Nicanor Parra and Ian Hamilton-Finlay. Other works will include Lettrism poets, visual poetry, concrete poetry, expanded poetry and the Fluxus group. This is done through the collection of the Joan Brossa Foundation, received by the MACBA in 2011, and which we now have the chance to see, together with works by artists who have been influenced by his legacy.

For more information about the exhibition about Joan Brossa, check out MACBA´s website.