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Maratón de Barcelona 2019 hotel bed & breakfast bcn
6 Feb


As true birdhousers, we love the sport and also the people who practice it. For this reason, we always look forward to the Marathon of Barcelona 2019 (Zurich Marató Barcelona 2019).


This year’s edition will be held next Sunday March 10 in our city. At BirdHouse we have everything ready, to welcome, share and enjoy the weekend with the best atmosphere of the marathon and with our guests.


The Marathon of Barcelona 2019 with BirdHouse

As everyone who comes from different parts of the world already knows, the Barcelona marathon has always been one of the most attractive circuits in Europe. A specially designed circuit that runs through the streets of the city that leaves every step, monuments and tourist sites that fall in love with every runner. That’s why we love it. What’s better for a birdhouser than visiting part of the city at the same time you play sports? There is nothing more authentic!



Maratón de Barcelona 2019


Are you ready for the 42 km long route of the 2019 Barcelona Marathon?

If you have never done it, you should try it. It is not about making the best time. For this, the elite runners are already there. Enjoy your career and the great atmosphere of the city in your path. Pasito a Pasito, like the song. But yes, try to reach the goal to feel that special feeling of overcoming. You still have a little time to train if your idea is to participate.



Maratón de Barcelona 2019 b&b hotel apartments barcelona bcn marathon


On the way you will have time to take pictures of the splendid race, the streets of Barcelona and all the people who come from around the world for the same reason: enjoy!


You always have the option of not participating directly and enjoying the atmosphere. But we recommend it if you are minimally fit.


Start time of the race: 8:30 a.m.


Limit time to finish the race: 6 hours

To register online you can access the official website of Marathon of Barcelona and provide your information. With a short form and a few more steps you will have everything ready.



maratón de barcelona recorrido bed & breakfast hotel birshouse zurich marathon 2019


Do you want to enjoy the city of Barcelona in a special way? Then you can not miss the weekend of the Barcelona marathon. If you are looking for a place to stay, BirdHouse is your ideal bed & breakfast.


We have the best rooms both for people who travel alone, who want to share or if you come as a group and family. Discover our rooms and apartments in the center of the city.