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Bed and Breakfast con visión Eco Nómada en Barcelona Birdhouse Bed & Breakfast
7 Feb


More and more people are working from anywhere in the world thanks to new technologies. And why not do it while traveling and enjoying the best places on the planet? These are some of the issues that we consider in BirdHouse. In addition, ecological values ​​are also part of the people of the new millennium since it is a collaborative way of living with ourselves and our environment. Directly related to these values, at BirdHouse we identify ourselves as a Bed and Breakfast with an eco nomadic vision in Barcelona.


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How is our Bed and Breakfast with Eco Nomad vision in Barcelona

In addition to being how, welcoming, affordable … we have:


ECO attitude

It is as easy as being aware of our environment and thinking about how we can improve our actions to collaborate with the environment. We are BirdHousers! We live to the fullest without forgetting that things are achieved by collaborating today. Therefore, not only do we not remove the plastic bags from our lives but we have a renewable attitude that improves day by day.


On the other hand we encourage eco collaboration among all those who want to join, organizing groups of volunteers. As for example: go clean our beaches for a few hours. It is a free action but it has had a very good response and that is an indication that people are taking a good direction.


Rooms and apartments for today’s Nomads

Birdhouse is one of the best Bed and Breakfasts in the city of Barcelona and we do not throw flowers, our scores and experiences of our guests say. They are the ones who give life to our rooms and apartments and they are the ones who value and recommend.


More and more people are traveling with work in tow, but nowadays it is no longer a problem. The current traveler is able to disconnect when he wants. Being able to enjoy new places even if you dedicate parts of your time to work or study.


We adapt, we evolve, we progress!


We work every day to offer the best stay and services while admiring the current nomad traveler. He who travels to live, know and enrich the world with the best cultural activities, leisure and sports, with the option to continue working from anywhere. When you are enjoying a few days at BirdHouse, you understand what a Bed and Breakfast with Eco Nomad vision is.


Are you planning to visit Barcelona? BirdHouse is your bed and breakfast! Know us.