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1 May

Anna Mastrolitto talks about her project Live Soundtracks

Live Soundtracks is an interdisciplinary project which explores the intersection between film and experimental music through live performances, screenings and workshops. Since its inception, LST has acted as a link between artists working in musical, cinematographic and audiovisual environments. LST is series of events breaking away from the traditional format of the musical or cinematographic performance, so as to explore the intersection between visual arts, cinema and experimental music.

LST, in format and content, is one of its kind: a series of events to rediscover the beauty of live soundtracks, but also an agency and a festival made up of performances, workshops, talks and exhibits centered around the relationship between music and cinema. Since 2007, LiveSoundtracks has promoted events around Barcelona and in other cities in Spain (Coruña – ExpoCoruña) and beyond (Germania: Colonia “C/O Pop festival, Italia: Bari – Expo del Levante, Bologna – roBOt Festival). LST has been converted into festival in April 2015 at Convent dels Àngels – MACBA Museum.

We have a chat with the Founder of the Festival, Anna Mastrolitto, at Bar Calders.

Tell me a little bit about you: where are you from, what were you like when you were young, and how you ended up in this city? 
I’m a dreamer since I was young. I come from a little town from the south of Italy where nothing happens so being creative was a way to not get bored. I used to write poems, paint, sing and dance all day. And I played piano too for a while. I studied in Milan and came to Barcelona after writing a thesis about Sonar festival and the Italian scene. Since then, I started to work and write about festivals. In the meantime I was dreaming of running my own festival. This happened last year when I won a contest and I realised ‘Movistar LiveSoundtracks festival’ at Convent dels Angels – Macba.

When did you come up with the idea for Live Soundtracks? 
I was working for festival Mecal coordinating audiovisual concerts until they stopped doing these concerts. I wanted to keep on mixing my two passions: cinema and experimental music. So while I was working as artists host at Nista club, I had the chance to meet one of my favourite producers: Sasu Ripatti (known as Vladislav Delay and Luomo), I told him about my project and when I discovered he was interested in taking part of my project, I decided that was the time to start my project.

When you look at your career path, was it deliberate?
I first studied Communication, then I did a postgrade in Music Management and a master in Culture Management, so I definitely planned to do what I do. It’s hard developing your own project all by yourself, but I feel like I have a ‘mission’ so I have no option!

What do you do to relax when you’re not working?
At my place, I spend all my time listening to music, watching movies and reading. Then also, I love to go to a little SPA close to my house and what relaxes me more than anything is walking along the sea.

Besides Live Soundtracks, do you have any other recommendations for people that are interested in film and experimental/electronic music?
In Barcelona? It’s not so easy. Anyway… for experimental films, Zumzeig Cinema, for músic festivals, Sonar, Primavera Sound, Mutek, Mira and Lapsus.

What is a dj we must listen to this summer?
More than just a DJ, I recommend you to enjoy the open air season. In Barcelona, I love IR parties at Monasterio, but also Brunch and Picknick electronic.

When, where and how can we experience the next LiveSoundtracks event?
This month, we are celebrating the closing of ‘LST Poetry in the Darkness” series with 3 special events:

  1. 12.05 >> LST Cinematic Dj Set @ Hotel Pulitzer
  2. 17.05 >> AGF @ ‘LST Poetry in the Darkness’ @ Sala Hiroshima
  3. 28.05 >> ‘LST Poetry in the Darkness’ Closing Event @ Fabrica Moritz